Premium Catering for Baby Full Month Celebration

Baby First Month

Your little one's first month party is an all important occasion - a time to be joyous, a time to celebrate and have a jolly good time.

As important as it may be, throwing your baby’s first month celebration party should take as little effort as possible since looking after your newborn, attending to night feeds, adjusting to lifestyle changes must already be taxing enough, especially for first time parents.   


To make it as fuss free as possible,  takes out the guesswork by presenting pre-planned baby full month buffet menus for your baby’s first month celebration.

Our specially-planned baby first month catering menus offer you  various deliciously appetizing choices - take your pick from 5 different premium menus:  Darling Baby Cuisine,
 Precious Baby Cuisine , Jubilant Reception Cuisine, Regale Reception Cuisine, Lavish Reception Cuisine.


With the food and drinks professionally taken care of,  rest assured that you can then devote all your time to your newborn, making the first month celebration all the more special for

your beloved baby.



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                             Muis Halal Logo   Preview our menu selections: 


                                     Joyful Baby Cuisine  Darling Baby Cuisine        $22 

                                                          Precious Baby Cuisine         $29


                                                Precious Baby Cuisine  Jubilant Reception Cuisine  $17 

                                       Regale Reception Cuisine   $20


                                                                               Lavish Reception Cuisine    $32